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PEDI Portugal | Weddings


Hello, welcome to my photography world!


My name is Pedro Cruz, and I am the founder of PEDI Portugal.


I have always believed in the beauty of authenticity and spontaneity, and I began to incorporate it into my photography. My mission as a photographer is to capture these moments and turn them into unique memories. Moments that cannot be rehearsed, such as genuine smiles, tears of joy, loving gazes, gestures of affection, and real emotions.


My approach is simple: observe and document. Every couple has their own story, style, and personality, and my goal is to capture their true essence in a natural way.


I believe that the best wedding photos are the ones that tell a story, with emotional and authentic moments. It is this magic that I aim to capture with every click of my camera.

Want to make memories that last a lifetime together?


Thank you for choosing, PEDI Portugal.


Meet the team behind the lenses


We are a photography and videography wedding team!

Dedicated professionals committed to turning the special moments of your big day into unique memories. With a creative eye and a collaborative approach, each member of our team is skilled at capturing the essence of every couple.

From the click of the camera to the final edit, we work in harmony to ensure that every detail of your wedding is documented in a real and captivating way. We are here to make your day even more special, creating a visual story that tells the unique and unforgettable tale of your love.


We are prepared to transform your wedding into a fantastic celebration.


Get in touch with us, it's your turn now!

We sincerely appreciate your visit to our photography portfolio, where each image is a promise to immortalise the magical moments of your wedding day. We look forward to being part of your unforgettable journey.

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Thank you for your message. We promise to respond shortly.

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